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Operation Mjölnir

Icelandic Fin Whaling

The Icelandic whaling company ‘Hvalur hf’ is notorious for exclusively hunting endangered Fin whales, the second largest animal on the planet after the Blue whale. Hvalur hf's CEO is multi-millionaire fishing magnate and second-generation whaler Kristján Loftsson who oversees the running of the world’s last large shore based whaling station at Miðsandur on the North side of Hvalfjörður and the company’s two Norwegian built whaling ships, Hvalur 8 (built in 1948) and Hvalur 9 (built in 1952).

Kristjàn Loftsson is the sole reason this notorious whaling company continues to hunt Fin whales and his company is now responsible for killing over 35,000 endangered whales.

The 2018 quota given to Hvalur hf by the Icelandic government was for a staggering 161 Fin whales - plus Hvalur hf had an additional 30 Fin whales added to the quota (carried over from 2017) which could be killed during a 100 day season  under the county's self-exemption to the Global Moratorium on Whaling - an exemption which is not recognised by the majority of the nations represented at the International Whaling Commission.

Each whaling voyage by the ageing harpoon ships takes on average 36 hours to the open seas off the West coast of Iceland, though still within the nation's economic exclusion zone, in a total round trip of around 300 nautical miles (depending on where whales are being found by Hvalur hf or spotted and reported by pro-whaling captains of any Icelandic fishing boats.

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